Crafted Magic: Elevate Your Ambiance with Hand-Blown Chandeliers

Chandeliers have existed for hundreds of years. The regal light fixtures are symbolic of elegance. Once lighting up castles, churches, and dining halls, they have become a popular fixture in modern-day homes.

Finding the perfect chandelier for your home isn't a task to take lightly. There are several types of chandeliers to choose from. 

Enter the hand-blown chandelier. If you haven't considered such a fine piece of lighting, we're about to tell you why you should. 

A handmade glass chandelier doubles as a conversation piece.

Read on to find out how these stunning light fixtures can elevate the ambiance in your home.

Add Color to Your Home

When you think about bringing color into your home, you probably don't consider your light fixtures. But a hand-blown chandelier can make a huge impact on your home.

Whether you're purchasing a pendant chandelier or a flush-mount bubble glass fixture, you will find a chandelier that pops.

If you find a style of chandelier that you like, it can be customized to include the colors of your choice. You can look at the color chart and determine which colors suit your home best.

The results will be jaw-dropping. Who needs art pieces on the wall? Hang art from the ceiling instead!

Choose Chandelier Options to Match Your Style

You can also choose a handmade glass chandelier that matches the style and motif of your home. 

Whether you are looking for something traditional or post-modern, you're sure to find the perfect chandelier for your style. 

This black blown glass decorative LED chandelier looks great in a gothic home or industrial-style kitchen. But you can also find a new classical or post-modern chandelier.

Elevate Your Dining Room With Luxury Lighting

There's a reason chandeliers remain popular: they're known for the beautiful and interesting way they reflect light. And a handmade glass chandelier is no exception.

The form of luxury lighting is often found in dining rooms. A hand-blown chandelier can leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

Glass chandeliers reflect light in a way that will make your room sparkle. 

Purchase a wide chandelier to hang above your dining table and create a comfortable ambiance. 

Illuminate Your Staircase

Large staircases start to look outdated without decor. Add glitz to your staircase by hanging a custom piece from your ceiling. Hanging a glass chandelier above your stairs is both elegant and practical.

You can order any color or size you would like. Hang it flush-mounted to the ceiling or up to 80 inches below using adjustable cable locks.

This dramatic design choice is sure to impress your guests.

Elevate Your Bedroom Lighting

Say goodbye to the traditional globe light fixture. If you want to add some flare to your bedroom decor, there are several types of chandeliers to choose from. But installing a glass chandelier is guaranteed to create impact.

Add a personal touch to your bedroom with a handmade chandelier.

Cast colored lights on your walls by installing a modern hand-blown glass chandelier with flower plates. The colors will dance on your walls as the light bounces off of them. Or add an aqua-blue chandelier to your coastal-themed decor. 

Light the Room With a Handmade Glass Chandelier

Chandeliers can be mounted to the ceiling or hung to fill a room with down lighting.

To select the right chandelier for your home, determine the appropriate size. Consider the height of the room you're lighting and the space you would like to have illuminated.

If you're looking for chandelier options that will fill a room with light, a hand-blown glass chandelier is a great choice. The light will bounce off the walls in a beautiful pattern, sure to add interest to your home.

Make a Statement

Handmade glass chandeliers make a statement, whether you're selecting one for inside your home or a business. Many restaurant owners have purchased luxury hand-blown chandeliers for their dining areas.

Add some elegance to your home with a unique art deco piece. 

These light fixtures are fully customizable. You can provide the size you're looking for and choose how you would like it installed.

Decide if you want the chandelier to be flush-mounted or hanging. 

Purchase One-of-a-Kind Hand-Blown Chandeliers 

A glass chandelier is more than luxury lighting. Hand-blown chandeliers are never quite as they appear online. That's because every handmade chandelier is unique.

Each piece is hand-crafted with care and technique. 

Spend time admiring the teardrop-twisted stems of your dining room chandelier. Or add a remarkable flying pendant chandelier in your foyer. 

It's not just a light fixture- it's a piece of art. Adding a glass chandelier to your home is sure to spark conversation.

Easy Installation

Installing hand-blown chandeliers may seem overwhelming, but the process is quite simple. It's not that different than installing a ceiling fan.

Arranging the glass is straightforward. Each glass chandelier comes with an installation guide. Just think of it as assembling a bouquet of balloons or flowers. 

If you get stuck, fear not! You can reach out for additional support from our team online.

Reliable Shipping

You might think that ordering a glass chandelier is a gamble (It is glass, after all). Luckily, you can take comfort in the fact that glass chandeliers ship well.

When you order a piece from ATY Home Decor, you can expect to receive it in a timely manner.

According to customer reviews, some people received their pieces earlier than expected. It's also common to receive extra pieces of glass to cover any unexpected breakage during delivery. 

Buyers can purchase shipping packages to arrange delivery anywhere in the world.

Consider a Handmade Glass Chandelier for Your Home 

When it comes to lighting the home, chandeliers are synonymous with elegance and design. But with so many types of chandeliers available, it can be hard to find one that makes a statement.

In this guide, we've covered several of the benefits of installing a hand-blown chandelier in your home.

Start shopping for a glass chandelier today, and find a light you love!