A Guide To Crystal Chandelier Quality: What To Know

Crystal Chandeliers, in the 16th century, were originally made of actual crystals from the earth, and because of that they were difficult to make and expensive to obtain. However, in 1676 the more modern style of crystal was born. It was made with lead oxide which made it easier to produce and more prismatic.

Crystal chandeliers became more and more complex with the inclusion of glass flowers, and a variety of shapes. Presently you can find almost any style of crystal chandelier and here is what you need to know in order to choose the best one for your home.

Why Crystal Chandeliers?

Hanging a beautiful, sparkling crystal chandelier in your house is like giving your home a diamond necklace. It is classic, elegant, and timeless. Aside from the beauty of  a well crafted crystal chandelier they are easy to maintain, and amazing at illuminating beyond the bulb. The light refraction created by crystal can minimize the energy used, making them more environmentally friendly than you’d imagine. So you can feel good about owning one, or more.

What To Look For

When looking at buying a crystal chandelier, it is good to know what to look for to ensure you are getting real crystal and not glass or acrylic. Here are some things to look for to spot fake crystal chandeliers.

  • Weight

    If you have a chance to see and touch the crystal you can test how heavy it feels. If it is light, then it is likely acrylic or glass and if it is heavier it is likely crystal. This is because the lead content in crystal makes it heavier.

    If you are unable to lift it to test the weight you can make a lot of assumptions based on the support structure. Because of its weight a real crystal chandelier will need sturdier components to support the weight.

    • Clarity

      Crystal is known for its clarity and shine, hence the saying “Crystal clear.” Acrylic will have a dull finish, and along with glass may have bubbles or striations in the “crystal.”

      • Cut

        Because acrylic is a plastic it can not have the sharp edge to the facets like real crystal will have, so look for dull edges,

         Where To Put Them?

        Because of the versatile nature of crystal, and the variety of sizes available you can put them in any room regardless of size. As for style, they can elevate the Chic in Shabby Chic or create a juxtaposition of elegance with the raw elements of industrial. Or even add to the beautiful chaos that is BoHo.

         Smaller crystal chandeliers can be hung together over a dining table for a festive setting. The number of places and ways a crystal chandelier can be displayed is only limited by yourself, and how much weight your ceiling can hold. If you have any questions, we at ATYHomeDecor would be happy to help you with your selection.