From Foyers to Bathrooms: Luxury Lighting for Every Room

Are you thinking about upgrading your home's lighting this fall? It's one of the best financial moves you can make as a homeowner, especially if you plan to sell your home soon.

Research shows that nearly 30% of recent home sellers installed new light fixtures. That's because upgrading home lighting is an inexpensive and easy way to make even a tiny room feel bigger to a potential homebuyer.

Are you looking for the right lighting for your home? Let's explore the top luxury lighting options for every room in your home, ranging from lights for a bar counter to bath lighting.

Luxury Lighting in the Kitchen

Illuminating a kitchen, especially a large one, usually requires multiple types of lighting. Let's discuss the various lighting options that work well together in this space.

Choose recessed can lighting or ceiling fixtures to distribute light evenly throughout the space. These fixtures will help light up dark corners and make your kitchen feel larger.

Installing task lighting can also help you create a bright, functional kitchen. Pendant lights are especially popular over islands. These lights should hang around 35 to 40 inches over your island countertop.

Undercabinet lights can go in food preparation and recipe-reading areas. These lights will make cooking more efficient while drawing attention to your kitchen backsplash design.

Accent lights are another must-have for the modern kitchen. Tape lights, also called strip lights, can go in the recessed areas between your kitchen floor and base cabinets to make navigating the kitchen safer at night. Use these lights to show off decorative dishes on an open shelf, too. 

Lights For Bar Counter

A great way to top off a kitchen's lighting scheme is with lights for a bar counter. This luxury lighting choice will make your counter more functional and visually interesting.

Many homeowners are drawn to bar counter pendant lights since these decorative spotlights aren't harsh. The soft, bright lights can easily cover your bar's surface area for casual eating and socializing. 

Hallway and Foyer Lights

Your hallway and foyer may also benefit from lighting since it's a transition area between rooms. Flush-mount fixtures are excellent lighting options for modest lighting in these areas. Wall sconces can also provide indirect lighting, just enough for family members and guests to get from point A to point B.

Dining Room Lighting Options

Recessed can lighting, flush-mount lights, and ceiling fixtures are the best types of lighting for a dining room. These fixtures offer enough lighting to prevent this space from looking shadowy and dark.

Are you looking to make a statement in your dining room this Thanksgiving Day? Install a luxurious crystal chandelier to provide general light. The right chandelier can be functional and fashionable.

Your chandelier should hang 33 inches over your dining room table if your ceilings are 8 feet tall. What if your ceiling is 11 feet tall? Hang your chandelier 36 inches over the table.

Bathroom Light Fixtures

Bright residential lighting in your bathroom will make your bathroom safe and flattering. The top fixtures are sconces and pendants. Place a sconce or pendant on either side of the mirror for balanced lighting.

Sconces are an excellent choice for a warm, welcoming look. Consider installing adjustable ones to adapt to various family members' lighting needs.

Is your wall space too limited for sconces? Choose pendants.

Either of these home lighting options paired with ceiling fixtures will give you plenty of lighting to get ready for work each morning. They're particularly helpful in bathrooms with little to no natural light. 

Living Room Lighting Fixtures

Your living room is versatile. You'll need lighting options that can adapt for Friday movie nights and casual entertaining days. Use track lighting to provide accent, task, and ambient lighting in your living room.

Change your living room's lighting scheme anytime with these lights. Do this by aiming individual lights in different directions. Rotating, swiveling, and moving the lights may also help you produce a desired wash or pattern of light without switching the bulbs.

Install whimsical pendants to add character to your living room when the TV isn't on. Quality track lights or sconces work well when you're not watching TV. They'll allow family members to move around safely without causing distracting glares or shadows.

Add ceiling lighting fixtures, floor lamps, and sleek table lamps to give your living room a cozy feel. Put them all on dimmers for an even calmer ambiance.

What if your living room is small with low ceilings? Make the ceilings look taller by installing a stunning flush-mount chandelier. The chandelier will draw your guests' eyes upward and enhance your room's decor. 

Bedroom Light Fixtures

Are you searching for the right residential lighting for your bedroom? Save space by replacing your nightstand lamps with sconces.

These lights can go outside of your bed frame if there's room. Place them directly above your bed if space is tight.

Light up your room's dark corners with floor lamps. These lights are slim enough to save space in reading nooks or empty corners. 

Outdoor Living Space Light Fixtures

You may have an outdoor space you'd like to brighten at dusk. Add a modern, waterproof wall light to improve the area's function and vibe. These lights can make any outdoor lounging area feel chic and safer to maneuver in.

Solar lawn lamps are another excellent choice for lighting up your outdoor space. These eco-conscious and user-friendly lights may make your house look inviting.

Choose waterproof wall sconces to further elevate your outdoor area's mood and appearance. These lighting fixtures work well on porches, decks, and patios.

How We Can Help With Lighting

Luxury lighting options, ranging from lights for a bar counter to bathroom lights, can instantly elevate your home's look and feel. Choose lights like sconces, pendants, and wall lights to brighten your home and add character.

Our popular lights at ATY Home Decor include handblown glass chandelier options, outdoor lighting, and more. We also sell bathroom and kitchen faucets. Contact us to learn more about our products, and order today!