How to Choose the Right Hand Blown Glass Chandelier For Your Living Room

Chandeliers have evolved considerably since the first candle chandelier in medieval times. Now, there are countless styles and options to choose from. However, none are more eye-catching than hand blown glass ones. Hand blown glass chandeliers are more than just light fixtures, they are art, they are focal points in a room, and they are conversation pieces.

 When done correctly, these chandeliers create unparalleled luxury and elegance in a home. Before purchasing one there are things that need to be considered when placing a chandelier in your living room.

 Consider The Space

Living rooms are often used as a multipurpose space, with some even being restricted for formal settings. When deciding to get a hand blown glass chandelier, you need to consider what type of living room it is, and how it will be used. Utilization of space will play a large role in the size, brightness, and style you choose for your living room.


Choosing the appropriate size for your living room seems much more complicated than it really is. The main thing is to make sure that your chandelier is proportionate to the living room by measuring the length of the room, and the width of the room, then adding those numbers and that is the size your chandelier should be in inches.

  • For Example: A room that is 12 feet by 15 feet. 12+15= 27 inches.
  • You would want a chandelier that is no larger than 27 inches in diameter.

When hanging a chandelier don’t forget to measure the height of the ceiling and take that into consideration. In a room with an average height ceiling of 8 feet, the chandelier should hang no lower than approximately 1 foot from the ceiling. If you have 2 story ceilings then it should not hang lower than the first level ceiling.

Failing to take room size into consideration can result in a chandelier that is either too big, or too small for a space making it awkward at best, and cumbersome at worst.


You probably already know where you want to place the chandelier you want to buy. But what will it be used for? If you are looking for something to be the main source of light in the space, you will want something brighter. Perhaps with lighter colored glass and a higher voltage depending on the size of the space. If it is going to be hung somewhere smaller, or it won’t be the main source of light, considering lower voltage, or even a dimmable  chandelier.


In this case, style does not just refer to the chandelier, but also the style of the living room. They need to be cohesive or they will create a disconnect in the room. You can’t have a French Country living room with an Industrial style chandelier. Be sure they will work together.

If you take these four things into consideration when choosing the right hand blown glass chandelier you will surely end up with a beautiful piece of art that also serves a purpose as a light source. Find just the right chandelier for your living room or any other space here at ATYHomeDecor.