How to Choose the Best Crystal Chandeliers for Your Dining Room

A dining room is often the centre of a home, where families share meals together, celebrate special events, and welcome friends. One of the best ways to decorate this room would be by adding a crystal chandelier. However, we are aware that it can be a really painful experience to choose the best chandelier majorly because there are very many styles, sizes, as well as types of crystals. At ATY Home Decor, we've got you covered. In this post, we take you through picking the right crystal chandelier for your dining room, so it instantly becomes the focal point of any room.

Determine the Right Size

Your chandelier should be in proportion to the size of the room. A chandelier that is too large will overpower a room, while one that is too small will fail to provide enough light to make a big impact in your room. General rules to get you started are as follows:

  • Room Size: To measure the size of the room—length and width—measure in feet. Simply add these numbers together. The result, in inches, will approximate the diameter chandelier you need. A room 12 feet by 14 feet will accommodate a chandelier that is approximately 26 inches.
  • Diameter of the dining table: The chandelier must be in relation to the dining table. Ideally, it should measure half to two-thirds of the table. Then you know it's big enough to give you the right amount of light but not overshadow the table.
  • Ceiling Height: Consider the height of your ceiling. For normal 8-foot ceilings, the chandelier hangs about 30-34 inches above the table. For higher ceilings, you can add an extra 3 inches for each extra foot of ceiling height.

Choose Style

The style of your chandelier must add up to the decor of your dining. Here are some styles to go by in selecting one:

  • Traditional: Most traditional chandeliers have ornate, intricate designs; therefore, they are suitable for classic or formal dining rooms. Traditionally, chandeliers are made from metals such as brass or gold finishes, with candle lights and flashy crystal settings.
  • Moderne: Modern chandelier designs typically come with clean lines and sleek designs. Most of them sport minimalistic forms and modern materials like chrome or brushed nickel. Thus, a modern chandelier becomes quite capable of adding a touch of sophistication in a dining room that carries a far more current aesthetic.
  • Transitional: If your dining room has a traditional layout with a splash of modernity, then the perfect chandeliers for that type of design would be the transitional ones since they incorporate classic features with modern elements to cause a look somewhere between balanced and versatile.
  • Rustic: Made from wood, wrought iron, or other distressed metals, rustic chandeliers will definitely make your casual dining room or one inspired by farmhouse designs far more inviting.

Select the Type of Crystal

The form of crystal greatly influences the sparkle and exuberance of a chandelier. Some common different kinds of crystals include the following:

  • Swarovski Crystal: This type of crystal is the best available, and its clarity is unbeatable. It is without a doubt a luxurious choice. The precision with which the crystal is cut maximizes light refraction, thus refracting from many colors. Although this is a little expensive, Swarovski really looks nice on any chandelier.
  • K9 Crystal: K9 crystal, also known as Chinese crystal, provides great clarity and brilliance at a more affordable cost. Cut from optical glass, K9 crystals are lightweight and hardy, really popular in many of today's modern chandeliers.
  • Egyptian Crystal: Also known as Gemcut or Moroccan crystal. Containing 24 percent of lead oxide, it gives the quality of density and clarity. These are all hand-cut and polished crystal, so they give a beautiful prismatic effect. These will be a high quality and somewhat less expensive version of Swarovski.
  • Venetian Crystal: This is from Murano, Italy, and the hallmark of Venetian crystal is masterfully made and truly artisan in its construct. While it may not have the same amount of clarity of Swarovski or Egyptian crystal, it has a unique and attractive quality of its own.

Think About the Lighting Needs

What a chandelier does first and foremost is to create adequate lighting for your dining room. Think about the following:

  • Brightness: Look to ensure the chandelier you have picked gives out enough lumens to light up your dining room. The wattage for the bulb may depend on the square foot of the room size. Some dining rooms may require with different shaped and other sources to light up when they are large.
  • Chandeliers that are dimmable allow you to regulate the brightness for any occasion. Bright light is required for meals and activities, whereas an evening get-together is always a thrilling experience where the tastes of softer light are welcome to set the ambiance intimately cozy.
  • Bulb Type: The type of bulbs used will also impact the quality of the light. The choice usually falls on LED because it is energy-saving and has a long life. They are also available in different color temperatures, so you can choose between a warm and cool ambience.

Pay attention to practical installation and maintenance:

  • Installation: The chandelier must be installed very rigidly and at the right height. It is recommended that it should be installed professionally, especially for large or complicated chandeliers.
  • Maintenance: Brilliance of the chandelier depends on cleaning. Periodic cleaning of the crystals will maintain the brilliance of the chandelier. Some chandeliers are designed with removable crystals for easy cleaning.


The ideal crystal chandelier for any dining room will of course depend on the size, style, type of crystal, lighting needs, and overall maintenance. At ATY Home Decor, one can versatilely shop designs for any palate and budget out there. Follow this guide to select the best chandelier that will light up your dining area with exuberance and class.

For example, browse through our collection today and see how we can help you choose the perfect chandelier, which will then fill your dining room with a glowing brilliance. The right chandelier can set the stage for your dining scenes, where every meal will be turned into a memorable experience spent under the scintillating light of precious crystal.